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As an audiobook narrator, video game, and commercial voiceover talent, I work in both English and French and specialize in sardonic YA teenaged protagonists, a host of European and American accents, sultry/velvety voiced women, vocal fry and cartoonish character voices.
My voice is naturally of a deep pitch with a neutral Midwestern accent. 
LaurieWinkel_Commercial_ver02 (3)Laurie Catherine Winkel
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Video Game DemoLaurie Catherine Winkel
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Bande-démo en français / French DemoLaurie Catherine Winkel
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Recent VO news
I'm thrilled to have been double-booked on the adult swim show,
Squidbillies, season 12 episodes 7 & 8!
You can listen for me as the eponymous Cooler voice in
"Cooler Heads Prevailed," as well as the nurse in "Blue Lives Battered."  
Additionally, Spice Frontier by Steamroller Studios made
its world premiere and will play again at DragonCon 2020!
Both these recent projects involved AI and cyborg voices.
I get it, guys, I'm emotionally unavailable!
For more info on these projects, follow me on Facebook or IMDB.
I'm also happy to announce that, since the beginning of quarantine,
I've signed on with two more brand-new audiobook clients,
Podium Audio and Bee Audio!
Looking forward to new literary adventures.
Audiobook credits (partial list):
Skyclad: Fate's Anvil by Scott Browder, Podium Audio
The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi, Macmillan Audio
Greystone Chronicles, by David Wilmarth, Soundbooth Theatre
Three year host of Teen broadcasting with Kansas Audio Reader
Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas, YA romance, ListenUp! Audio
Click HERE for results on Audible.
*Pseudonym available upon request.
Video Game credits: 
Gunheart, a 360-degree VR ("virtual reality") scifi game from Drifter
SPARC, a 360-degree VR experience from CCP Games
The Walking Dead: March to War game trailer, Disruptor Beam Productions
SOS: Alpha Gameplay from Outpost Games
Ka-Boom! app game, Brainbug Studios, Paris
B1_Skyclad_Fate's Anvil (1).jpg
spice frontier.jpg
less people.jpg
"We are Hallmark" spot 2016 and 2017

Things get intense in this trailer for The Walking Dead: March to War! As multiple characters, I got to tough it up, scream and even deliver the final rousing call to action.

As "N.U.R.S.E", the sinister AI voice that underscores the tense action of ALPHA. Monolopolus Productions, 2017.

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