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Recent News

Since moving to Atlanta, so much has happened that I've scarcely had the time to update. I'm still working in Kansas City too, and my voiceover and commercial career seem to be growing exponentially! I was an ambassador for VO Atlanta in February, an incredible experience that has allowed me to hone my voiceover ambitions and make vital contacts for the future. Since then, I've added new clients such as Microsoft to my commercial VO roster, as well as reprising a spot for Hallmark, and doing my first major video game! Sparc, a virtual reality  game (that's an immersive 360-degree experience) will be released this summer from CCP Games, best known for EveOnline.

In on-camera news, I'm really excited about this stop-motion Verisign commercial that's coming out this summer--though I can't tell you much about it yet, nor about the hilarious series of Nodaway Valley Bank commercials that is going to have you all rolling next year. 


On June 24th, Monolopolus Productions is hosting their red-carpet premiere of ALPHA, an action thriller in which I play a sinister AI. And Kansas City "doo-wop" rapper Second Hand King FINALLY dropped this one-take, animated music video we shot a year ago (here). I promise you will not regret watching it-- it is seriously adorable.

And how could I forget-- lots of audiobook news too! I'm regularly recording with ListenUp! Studios here in Atlanta, as well as self-producing and doing work with Punch Audio in LA. From those endeavors, we have a really fun YA title with Hachette about Cupid falling in love with a high-school girl, another that's a complex dystopian fiction about teens who live in a future where they are forced into uniformity with their siblings/peers, and a non-fiction treatise on new-wave feminisim. Whew!

I can't even get into everything that's happened in the last year... shame on me for never updating! All I can say is, hard work begets growth. I'm excited for what's to come.


July: Just wrapped the home-invasion psychological thriller Hello by Ty Jones. An extended weekend full of all-nighters (cramming it in before heading to Atlanta) and mostly solo scenes made for an exhausting shoot. But I'm honestly so excited to see what comes of this one.

This came weeks after filming a music video as the scorned girlfriend of Second Hand King, a promising KC indie artist. Morgan Cooper directed this delightful one-shot wonder, releasing later this summer.

May 2, 2016: Despite many setbacks (moving, blown fuse on my mike, etc), I'm nearing the halfway point on my full-length Young Adult audiobook, Order of Seven by Beth Teliho! The sassy heroine of this meticulously crafted tale is such fun to narrate, even when I'm doing the voices of a room full of male characters (always a challenge!)


In other news, Laurie is diving into the world of audiobooks! Having read the Just for Teens broadcast of Kansas Audio Reader for years, it's serendipitous that her first offer is a YA novel, the paranormal thriller Order of Seven by Beth Teliho.


Sketches, in which Laurie shares the lead with Ashley Kennedy, was selected to air at Slamdance Film Festival in Utah as part of the Fearless Filmmakers showcase of 2016! Directed by Savannah Rodgers, this gorgeous short depicts the rise and fall of a relationship between a young artist and her girlfriend.


At Disneyland Paris, Laurie Catherine helped lead thousands of children in song during her icy reign on Disney's stage for the French- and English-language "Frozen Sing-Along/Chantons la Reine des Neiges." After making it snow through record-breaking Paris heat waves and even swarms of wasps (ampitheatres have their complications) hundreds of times with spectators from all over the world, summer 2015 came to a close and it was time to Let it Go. 


Before leaving Paris, she appeared as an adoring shoe-fan in the French movie-musical Sur Quel Pied Danser, in a commercial for CAST video-streaming technology by GENII, and strutting the catwalk for Intercoiffure Mondiale's "Night of the Stars" fashion show at Salle Wagram near the Arc de Triomphe. 


At the prolific Festival Européen du Film Fantastique in Strasbourg, when she wasn't stuffing herself with flammekuechle and other Alsatian specialties, Laurie spent an incredible week exhibiting the film Catatonic. As a macabre 1940s nurse, she improvised with the French and English public alike, making sure their individual experience of the 360-degree film was as immersive (and panic-inducing!) as possible.


Finally, she topped off her French projects eliciting even more screams with renowned horror theatre Le Manoir de Paris, playing a possession victim in their Halloween: La Malédiction show. Blackened teeth, grimey gore, and fake blood made for a pretty steep change from a summer spent in corsets and glitter.


It's been a busy few months in France. And now back to the States, where she is represented once again by Talent Unlimited in Kansas City!




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